Beginner's Guide


General Information


At first we should explain what HYIP is. High yield income programs are not just a network phenomenon. This term refers to any investment bringing income more than the deposit account with the standard rates of 4–5% per year.

There are many off-line HYIP, they are all managed by registered companies and bring stable high income. However, the entrance limit, the minimal investment to participate in the project, as a rule, makes up the sum starting 500000$ and up to tenth millions. Surely, the private investor not having big savings is isolated from participation in the off-line high yield programs.

For ordinary people the only way out is on-line HYIP. On the contrast to off-line programs network high yield income programs, as a rule, are minimally transparent. Often the participants do not know anything about their organizers and do not know the companys legal address. The main income sources for off-line HYIP are the stock market games, real estate trade and FOREX investments. On-line HYIP rarely give true information about its commercial activity that is why the income sources may be very different; it is often impossible to check the information. Often the information is secret not to hide it from the clients but with a view to keep the know-how confidential. The competition at the HYIP market is rather high that is why the company that is able to offer the most rational way of managing the invested assets has more chances to succeed.

In accordance with the interest payment periods all on-line HYIP (further we will call them HYIP) may be divide to every-day, every-week and monthly ones. Every day HYIP make payments of 1–7% per day; every-week — 7–50% per week, and monthly — 20–200% per month.

The HYIPs work principle is very simple. You register in the system and open an account in the international electronic settlements system and invest some money into the project. The very next day as soon as the invested money starts bringing profit, the mentioned payments will go to your account.

Summarizing the abovementioned we have the following scheme: program leaders collect money from the private investors who do not have enough money to participate in off-line high yield income projects. Then, using their working schemes they profitably invest it and then share the part of profits with the investors. Actually HYIP is one of the most profitable forms of mutual cooperation for investors. Thanks to accumulating the assets the money that was earlier isolated from any serious economic processes make profits.

The developed schemes enable the HYIP participants to receive the maximally high incomes the private investors cannot reach by any other ways.