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Doubler: making money in the Web

Doubler is a type of investment programs in Internet. They promote themselves as programs enabling their participants to double the invested means during some rather short period of time. Organization and launch of any new doubler program are accompanied with massive advertising campaign that, as a rule, makes it possible to cover and attract a rather wide range of users people who wish to earn quick and easy money.

The basis of the Doublers programs is a game. The Doubler itself is a matrix a field divided into parts with a lattice and having lines and columns. The matrixs columns are fixed, that means the changes in one column do not influence any other columns.

The rules of the game are the following:

In order to become a matrix member you buy yourself a position (place) in any of its columns at your choice. The cost of the position is placed on top of the column, so your place in the matrix depends on the sum you are ready to play with. The selected position in the column is at the same time the place in some line and the players move within the matrix by lines.

In order to win to leave the matrix with your investment doubled you have to be the first in line and the place in your column should be bought by two more participants. Every time two new participants buy a position in some column, the first person in line withdraws from the matrix with the doubled investment and the line is moved so the second person in line becomes the first. To double your investment and leave the matrix the position in this column has to be bought by two more participants. By attracting two new referrals into the program you move step by step to the first position in line and towards your prize.

The risk to lose in the doublers is rather high the program may disappear earlier than the participant is able to take the first position in line. You may pay for the position, stay in line in the matrix and never get any money. Nevertheless, when you buy the position at early stages you have some chances to win and double your investment.