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Auto surfing

Auto surfing is a rather common phenomenon in the web. These programs position themselves as a tool for the high yield investing in Internet. «Surfing» means visiting certain web-sites for money. Companies that offer users such means of earning are called APS (active promotion systems). Accordingly, auto surfing is an automatic surfing, visiting web-sites without actual user's participation, via special software.

APS (often called 'sponsors') attract two parties for participation in the programs: advertisers (companies wishing to promote their Internet project) and users who are eager to earn money easily. As you know different web-sites' ratings are based on number of every-day visits and the greater the number is, the higher is the web-site's rating. The advertiser pays sponsor for the site's visits and the sponsor provides the site's visits by a certain number of users through organizing the auto surfing system.

The number of sites the user must visit is rather great that is why it is better to have no limit Internet access in order to participate in the program. The amount of payments due to the participant depends on the amount of money he/she has on his/her personal account. When the number of the sites visited per day increases, no extra money is paid to the participant: the amount of payments depends in percent only on the amount of money there is on the account. However a system of 'credits' is provided that can be used to promote someone's personal project in the system.

To keep the participants within the program they are offered such bonuses as account upgrade. Through the upgrade the participant can significantly increase the amount of interest payments. Account upgrade is paid and the participant doesn't get his/her contributions back. They are a tool one can use to maximize their incomes (moreover, it is rather risky). The incomes are rather low — 1–1.5 USD per 1000 and more sites to visit. Compared with these incomes the minimal sum of money on the account having which the participant can withdraw the money and leave the program is rather big.

Attracting new participants into the program (referrals) is paid and often the income does not depend on your referrals' earnings but their contributions into upgrading of the account.

In ASP there is usually a ban to visit certain types of web-sites (web-sites with ROR-windows, frames, redirectors, some websites with free hosting, web-sites that don't have any content, porno sites). Besides the program participants may be limited by banning the advertisement of auto surfing through spam, restricting the possibility to have more than one account in one program, or it is provided that they shall always be active in the program, etc.

Today there are many advices in the Internet in regard to participation in the auto surfing:

  • before you invest in auto surfing you should study the principles of the program's work in detail;
  • there are fraudsters and losers in any business, as well as in auto surfing;
  • before investing money into a certain program you need to study the comments about it in different topic forums. However, you should remember that these comments are subjective and can be specially written;
  • all arising questions shall be addressed to the program administrator. If you don't get any detail and good reply, the program is not worthy of your attention;
  • you should always monitor the solvency of auto surfing programs and, if possible, to diversify the risks by investing little into several programs.

For sure, the core rule of e-businessman «do not invest more than you can afford to lose» is especially true in this case.