Beginner's Guide


Investing in HYIP

Making the First Investment

So you have done the research needed, made a provisional assessment of the projects reliability and are ready to invest your money. But before you invest your savings into a selected HYIP think whether you are ready to risk your capital. Will you regret the choice you made? Would it be better to spend the money on buying something good for your household? As weve mentioned before all high yield income programs are connected with a fair amount of risk and even once youve made a detailed analysis of the project you are interested in there are no guarantees that the program is reliable.

Remember the major rule in regard to HYIP: never invest all your money into one project. Develop your investment scheme for several reliable high-yield projects at the same time. Even the most serious project can unexpectedly close, not mentioning the multiple pyramids there are. Always keep an ace in the hole. Even if one of the projects gets closed youll have three or four other programs the profit from which may compensate the lost financial means and even bring profit.

By participating in several programs at the same time you actually insure yourself from losing money. It is very hard to imagine all programs analysis of which has shown the seriousness of the organizers intentions will get closed. When making your investment consider the fact the program may fail and invest in such a way that if it fails you get your income anyway. Try to minimize the risk.

In the most thorough programs the interests are sent to your account opened in an electronic payment system every 24 hours. Besides, reliable projects, as a rule, try to make an automatic reinvestment that significantly increases your profit.

It is very simple to count your provisional incomes. For example, youve invested some sum under 2% into an investment project for 365 days. That means, that not making any reinvestment you will have your money back in 55 days and since then you will earn profit. So when the term ends your income will be 720%. If you divide your capital into several parts and every part will be invested into different high yield income program, even in the event the half of the programs will fail or turn out to be fraud you will get profit anyway.

Remember to reinsure yourself in any case, even if you are 99% sure in the project. Even if you are promised the whole mountains of gold, even if all your friends and acquaintances recommend investing the maximum into the program — divide your capital into parts anyway and invest into different programs. Even the most honest HYIP when it does not overcome a crisis stage may fall down.

There is one more rule any beginning investor shall follow: never risk the money you are afraid to lose.