Beginner's Guide


HYIP - Foreword

Many Internet users have heard numerous stories that there is no honest business in the web and only inexperienced investors believe offers promising increase of their capitals via Internet. There are obvious reasons for such an opinion: the rumors are spread by people who dont know what they are talking about. Actually many ordinary people who dont bother of getting to know the detail of high yield investing in Internet are caught by fraudsters, lose their savings and begin to mistrust all forms of e-commerce.

It is very hard to independently study all aspects of high yield investing. To act by guess trusting only your intuition is not the best thing to do for the prospective investor. There are a lot of dishonest dealers and fraudsters ready to commit a crime in order to increase their incomes. But it does not only relevant to e-business but in real life there are enough dealers like that as well. One cannot state that all electronic investment projects that promise high incomes are false or are some kind of pyramids. It is untrue as well as the statement that all banks and joint stock companies are created with a view to steal money from investors.

There are offenders in different business spheres. However, the fact that they exist is not the reason to put this economic phenomenon into a black list. Actually some high yield investment programs members lose their money; however, many increase them in five, ten, twenty and more times. And it is not due to some coincidence or luck. There is number of rules and peculiarities by studying which the investor guarantees at least his/her loss-free participation in programs like this. Before you invest into high-yield project, you should carefully study all materials there are. Many people have made a fortune by participating in HYIP. Over many years of their successful participation in this sphere of business they have studied in detail all secrets and peculiarities for successful investing. Surely, such information is not secret and every prospective investor has a chance to study it.

This brochure contains information about high yield income programs that was collected by program members over the years of their participation. Experienced managers, known bankers and major businessman descent participation in programs like that. But in the contrast to ordinary people they try first of all study of aspects of the activity, learn and understand the details. This brochure is a result of serious research work, the result of symbiosis of theory and practice.

Once you read the brochure youll realize how to chose HYIP, how to effectively invest money into it, how to keep your capitals safe and how to distinguish offenders from honest businessmen.